Change the recipient's address

You can change:
● the recipient's first and last name
● delivery address (except for the destination country),
● add the recipient's phone number if it is not specified in the customer's data.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the recipient's address due to the fact that the UPS system (courier delivery) does not accept the address provided by the recipient. In this case, you need to contact the buyer by email or in the marketplace chat and ask for the address in the correct format, and then change the address in your Personal Account when placing the parcel.

In order to avoid the use of our exclusive delivery services for third-party needs, we have introduced a limit on the number of address changes and also restricted the ability to change the address instantly for items worth more than $500 USD. Therefore, for items under $500, you can change up to 20 addresses instantly per month. Once the limit is reached, and for items over $500, the request is reviewed by the administrator within 24 hours, although it usually takes much less time.

Of course, if you send a lot of items and think that the set limit is inconvenient, we are ready to increase it. To do this, send a request to your Personal Account in the Support menu.

Can I change the delivery address for a UPS Express parcel that has already been sent to the customer?
Only the recipient of the parcel can change the delivery address and time.

Basic rules for editing the address when sending UPS Express in your West Parcel account:

● The "Address" line should contain only the street name and house number, without commas. Maximum 35 characters.

The "Apartment number" line can contain not only the apartment number, but also the floor, company or hotel name. Maximum 35 characters, commas are allowed.

● The "Provincial code" line must be filled in only for the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia. In the United States and Canada, there are only two-letter state codes, for example, for Florida, enter FL. However, in Canada, there are both two-letter and three-letter codes.
For all other countries, state (provincial) codes are not recognized by UPS at all, and filling them in may cause an error when creating the shipment. Even if the state/province field is filled in, simply remove all information from this field (except for the USA, Canada, and Australia).

● The "Zip Code" field must always be filled in and should not contain any spaces. Postcodes in England and Canada consist of letters and numbers. It is common to write postcodes in these countries with spaces, but UPS does not allow spaces in the postcode, so you must remove them.

● ZIP codes in the United States are written in two ways: either five digits (for example, 35040) or like this: 35040-5054. Usually, both variants pass the check, but if suddenly such an index does not pass, then remove the hyphen and the digits after the hyphen.

● The "Name and surname of the parcel recipient" field must be filled in and must contain only the first and last name. If, when paying for the order, the buyer specified additional information in the name field (company name, for example), then all additional information must be removed or moved to the second address line - the Apartment number field.

● It is very good if the "Phone number of the parcel recipient" field is filled in. In this case, UPS will always be able to contact the recipient in case of any problems.

Here's an example of how to edit a custom address. Country - Emirates.


And here's how to do it right: