Prohibited goods

Certain types of goods are subject to certain export requirements, restrictions and prohibitions. Please read them carefully below.

Please note that your shipment must not contain any of the prohibited items listed on the list of items that cannot be shipped via West Parcel, including but not limited to items of special value (such as works of art, antiques), money or negotiable instruments (such as checks, bills, bonds, savings books, payment cards with a positive balance, stock certificates or other securities), firearms, and hazardous substances.

Items that require an export permit and items that are prohibited for shipment

What can't be shipped with West Parcel?

● Any goods produced in the following sanctioned territories: Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, Myanmar, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, and Russia, Belarus, Crimea, and the LPR and DPR.
● Any medical and health products and medicines for humans and animals, including pills, intravenous injections, external preparations, ointments, creams, soaps (liquid and solid), lotions, bath products and herbal medicine (tea).
● Any food products for humans and animals, including food additives, alcoholic and any other beverages, dietary supplements, etc.
● Checks and other payments from affiliate programs, gift cards, certificates, bank checks, money orders, traveler's checks, bank cards (including overdue ones), as well as any payment instruments.
● Any goods bearing the logo of the company that manufactures these goods, including car stickers (stickers) with the logos of car manufacturers, T-shirts with logos, drawings, artwork and handicrafts containing logos and/or brand names.
● Any new or existing SIM cards, as well as any telecommunication services and contracts.
● Any goods from Crimea, made in Crimea, sent from Crimea, having any relation to Crimea or containing the word "Crimea" or "Crimea" in the description.
● Any products bearing the markings of the GRU and FSB, either on the products themselves or in the description of the products, as well as replicas of such products, including uniforms, documents, awards, badges, printed matter; goods produced by these organizations or manufactured for use by these organizations, as well as any products or descriptions of products bearing the markings or having in the description the names of organizations under US or EU sanctions, such as Yandex. Money, VTB24, Sberbank and other companies and organizations on the sanctions list.
● Products made of fur and skins of wild or domestic animals (excluding leather jackets, haberdashery and other products made of leather and skins of cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits and hares).
● Wild and domestic animals, including live animals, carcasses, body parts, stuffed animals, skins, ivory. As well as goods made using body parts of fossil animals and body parts of animals belonging to rare, endangered species and listed in the Red Book.
● Live, preserved or dried insects (excluding insects in amber, resin and/or enclosed in other hardened substances in jewelry).
● Seeds and plants, live and dried, including medicinal herbs (excluding wood, wood products and decorative articles made from dried plants).
● Any new branded clothing of Western brands (e.g., ADIDAS, PUMA, Michael Kors, etc.).
● Any branded or second-hand clothing, accessories and haberdashery, including shoes and bags over $400 USD, put up for auction without a certificate of authenticity.
● Human body parts, including exhibits, models and other imitations of human body parts, human organs or tissues, blood and its composition, human and animal embryos, human remains, including exhumed or cremated human remains, as well as human hair (including products made from natural human hair, wigs, brushes, extensions) and teeth.
● Any GPS satellite navigation equipment, new or used, with or without software, used to locate machines or equipment (e.g., tractors, drilling rigs) and installed by the manufacturers of such machines and/or equipment, excluding automotive GPS.
● Any digital media, including new or used CDs, HDDs, USBs or DVDs, regardless of their content (excluding branded tape cassettes and gramophone records).
● Valid, circulating banknotes, coins, bank notes, bonds and bills (it is allowed to sell banknotes, coins, bank notes, bonds and bills that are out of use and have only collector's value).
● Catalytic converters and test tubes.
● Cellular phones sold with service contracts.
● Counterfeit currency and stamps (excluding art and souvenirs).
● Drugs and narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, including in the form of medicines, aerosols, smoke, smoking mixtures, including tobacco, tobacco products and smoking items, bongs, electronic cigarettes or parts thereof, as well as hookahs, fillers and mixtures for hookahs and electronic cigarettes.
● Electronics equipment prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
● Embargoed goods.
● Explosives, fireworks, or pyrotechnic devices or materials.
● Firearms and any parts thereof, including stocks, scopes and bayonets; excluding belts, cases, holsters, cartridge cases, holster pouches and other devices for carrying and storing firearms.
● Cosmetic products applied to the surface of the skin and hair, including creams, oils, paints, shampoos, eye shadows, lipstick, cosmetic pencils and bath products. Gel polishes are accepted for shipment only in their original packaging, sealed and with an msds certificate.
● Computer games and games for game consoles.
● Gambling.
● Government documents, identification cards and licenses, including passports, employment records and other important documents, including photocopies of documents and certificates issued by notary offices.
● Items related to the work of U.S. government agencies and the U.S. military, including airplane operating manuals, subway and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) uniforms, police badges and uniform parts, and mailing bags.
● Hazardous materials, fuels, and corrosive substances.
● Coupons.
● Strategic materials, diplomatic or classified material.
● Pornography and products or access to products that are pornographic in nature or content.
● U.S. cable television satellites or equipment and related hardware.
● Real estate certificates and other securities.
● Stolen property and property with removed registration numbers.
● Precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) in the form of ore or in ingots, powders or scrap.
● All types of cold steel weapons, including folding knives, knives with a spring mechanism, folding knives, and simple knives with a blade longer than 9 cm.
● Products that are similar in design to civilian and service weapons, markers, paintball/airsoft guns, parts thereof, stun guns, gas and traumatic pistols, self-defense equipment, such as: gas cans and sprays containing pepper liquids, brass knuckles, batons, ceramic knives, axes, saws, etc.

● Materials that are radioactive and toxic, as well as absolutely any reagents and chemical compounds, compounds containing poisons.

● Flammable substances and liquids, including zinc powder, acetone, any kind of lighter fluid, solvents, common perfumes in the form of perfume, cologne or eau de toilette (excluding nail polish), enamels and glue.

● Explosive goods (including those under pressure, such as fire extinguishers, airbags, scuba tanks, etc.)

● Ozone-depleting substances and substances that pollute the environment (any type of aerosols, sprays, disinfectants, car tar, dry ice, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, household and medical waste, other hazardous waste).

● Pathogenic and infected substances.

● Items prohibited for trade by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), such as stuffed animals, skins, bones, tusks of rare animals.

● Hazardous batteries (including used batteries), such as lead-acid, alkaline, including car batteries, lithium batteries without devices, damaged or defective batteries of any type and those that have reached the end of their useful life - alkaline, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries (excluding batteries for mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops).

● Works of art and cultural property that are subject to mandatory certification.

● Information for adults, on printed and audiovisual and other media, which may be classified as pornography, excluding "adult toys" (condoms and mechanical and electrical intimate objects, dolls, etc.) or works of art (for example, nude drawings).

● Information on printed, audiovisual and other media aimed at promoting Nazi attributes or symbols, or symbols or attributes similar to Nazi attributes, as well as any products aimed at promoting discrimination on any grounds, including anti-Semitism.

● Goods that are prohibited for shipment in accordance with the acts of the Universal Postal Union and the customs legislation of the country of departure/destination.

● Things and objects that may, due to their properties, cause damage to the postal premises or pose a danger to postal employees, including contamination or damage to other mail items and postal equipment (graphite dust, sand, dry gypsum powder without proper packaging, etc.

● Goods containing calls to commit and carry out extremist and terrorist activities or public support and promotion of terrorism.

● Information and propaganda materials that may to some extent harm the political or economic interests of the Customs Union member states, their state security, health and morality of citizens.

● Campaign documents or materials made or distributed in violation of the requirements of the legislation of the Customs Union member states on elections and referendums.

● Cultural antiquities and other items of archaeological significance.

● Plant care and protection products, any poisons and chemicals.

● Specialized radio receiving devices for on-air technical radio control and all scanning radio receivers.

● Specialized devices, technical means with the help of which it is possible to enter and examine any premises, as well as to enter vehicles without authorization; other goods and technologies with the help of which it is possible to open locking devices, excluding ordinary locksmith and carpentry tools.

● Any liquids.

● Orders, state awards and documents for them (including award badges and insignia), as well as orders, badges, medals and other paraphernalia promoting Soviet and/or communist values are prohibited for shipment.

● There are also a number of rules and restrictions:

● For parcels with goods requiring gemological examination (stone and precious metal products), you must make the examination yourself and put the documents on the examination in the package with the documents.

● If the stones are untreated or in the form of sand, please bring or send them only in a sealed box.
If there is no certified expert in your region, you should contact the State Gemological Center of Ukraine to find out if it is possible to examine the item sent by mail. If in a particular case this is not possible for one reason or another, you must personally come to the nearest State Gemological Center of Ukraine (SGCU) for permission.

● Gemological expertise is required for products made of natural stones. If the stones are not natural (such as zirconium, glass, ceramics, imitation stones made of plastic), then no expertise is required.

● For art objects, such as paintings (oil on canvas) and sculptures (plaster, metal), a permit from the Ministry of Culture is required. Only a print, a printed image, can be shipped by UPS without an examination. If the image is painted, then all paintings without exception require additional documents.

● For watercolors, pencil sketches, cartoons, gouache or other paint works on paper, wood, other surface (except canvas), you need to add a printed out sold lot from Etsy, Ebay or Lavky with a visible, noticeable photo and the specified selling price of the item to the usual shipping documents. Only a print, a printed image, can be sent by FedEx and UPS without examination. If the image is painted, then all paintings without exception require additional documents.

● For plastic figurines and toys, for industrial design products, as well as for posters and printed paintings, no permission is required.

● For oil on canvas portraits from a photograph, you need to include a printout of the lot with the sale price, as well as a copy of the photograph of the person you painted the portrait of, in addition to the usual shipping documents. Only a print, a printed image, can be sent by FedEx and UPS without an examination. If the image is painted, then all paintings without exception require additional documents.

● For folding knives and dirks, a conclusion is required that these items are not cold steel.

● Herbaria, ikebana, brooms, bouquets and any other dried flowers, branches and herbs, except for products made from them (such as mats and vases) are prohibited.

● Food for fish, dogs, cats and other animals.

● No eyeglasses of any kind may be sold in the United States.

● Products made of untreated wood cannot be shipped. Treated wood (plywood) can be shipped. If shipping FedEx Express or via FedEx, when creating a shipment and selecting "plywood", a TSCA form will be automatically generated and must be completed.

● Weapons and dual-use goods are prohibited for shipment: transmitters, spare parts for military equipment, radios, optical sights, night vision devices, etc.

● Amber products or unprocessed amber are prohibited.

● The metal of the product:
If the product is made of metal and there is a receipt for it, it is sufficient to enclose this receipt, no examination is required.
If the product is handmade (no receipt), an examination is required. You can send items made of metals no more expensive than silver.
It is forbidden to send pure metal via West Parcel.

● If the shipment contains a lithium-ion or just a lithium battery (for example, a phone or a laptop/tablet battery), you must

- Print the security document. Enter the UPS tracking number at the top and sign at the bottom. Here is a sample.

- print a large sticker or small stickers on a color printer. Write your phone number in the For more information, call____________ box and stick the sticker on the box with the goods so that it is visible from the outside. The security document should be glued to the parcel in a separate transparent plastic self-adhesive envelope, which can be obtained from the courier or at the reception point.

We remind you that parcels are not opened, but are inspected at customs. Violators of the terms of shipment will be disconnected from the shipping service and will be obliged to reimburse the company's expenses for a legal solution to the problem that arose as a result of the sender's illegal actions (if any).

You can learn more about the requirements and restrictions for goods requiring expertise, additional documents or export permits here.