Delivery Consolidation Plus

Consolidation Plus is an affordable and reliable delivery of parcels from Ukraine to the USA and other countries for everyone.


    The consolidation center is located in Kyiv. From there, the parcels will go to Europe, then fly to Miami by UPS. And then to your customers. The planned delivery time is 7-8 days to Miami and a few more days to the buyer.


    You need to print the barcode and stick it on the parcel. The label will be affixed to the parcel at our warehouse in Miami. At the same time, the tracking number will be available in your account immediately after the delivery is completed.

    You can print the barcode in your account at any time after the delivery is completed.


    Restrictions on parcels sent to American addresses: long side no more than 40 cm, the rest no more than 35 cm. The estimated weight is the maximum weight of the parcel with the goods (volumetric or actual). The maximum estimated weight of each parcel is 4 kg.

    Restrictions on parcels going from Miami to abroad: weight from 0.03 kg to 2 kg, the sum of length + width + height cannot exceed 91 cm, the long side no more than 40 cm, the rest no more than 35 cm.

    Parcels sent by UPS SurePost or UPS Ground (usually weighing more than 450 g) must be at least 4 cm thick.

    We kindly ask you not to wrap packages for consolidation with plastic (we recommend wrapping only the goods inside the package). The film makes it difficult to scan barcodes, which significantly complicates the parcel processing process and increases the delivery time.) The film makes it difficult to scan barcodes, which significantly complicates the parcel processing process and increases the delivery time.


    The shipping amount can be calculated using the shipping calculator.


    Payment for delivery is deducted from your account in your personal account. You can top up your account using the PayPal payment system. Detailed instructions on how to do this are here. It is also possible to fund your account using Payoneer. Learn more about this method here.


    USA, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Singapore, England. Delivery to P.O. box /APO/FPO/DPO/US Territories.


    The cost of an attachment in each parcel sent to one recipient's address should not exceed $100 USD.


    Packed parcels with barcode labels for Consolidation Plus should be delivered to the nearest open Western Bid office or sent at your own expense to the Western Bid center in Kyiv.

    Parcels can be delivered to:
    ● the office of the Western Bid regional representative in your city;
    ● deliver (in person or using Nova Poshta targeted delivery) to the Western Bid center in Kyiv at the address: 10a Smelyanska St., warehouse 8, Kyiv, Ukraine
    ● send the parcel by Nova Poshta to the following address: Kyiv, Nova Poshta branch No. 18, to the owner of the phone number +38 (067) 678-46-10 (recipient Ruslan Huseynov, Western Bid).

    Please note that this phone number is for shipping purposes only, it is not intended for calls and consultations.

    Waybills are valid for 20 days from the date of creation. If you have not sent the parcel within this period, you need to cancel it and create a new shipment. Otherwise, the parcel will not be accepted by the postal services.


    UPS is displayed immediately.


    No, this service is not available.


    No, there is no such service.


    Yes, to the buyer's door,
    1% of the total cost of the parcel. Details.

    1. UPS MI - the parcel is not insured by default, but you can choose insurance - 1% of the value of the investment.
    2. UPS Surepost - parcels up to $ 100 are insured by default, when creating a parcel, the customer is charged $ 0 in a separate transaction to show that the insurance is free.
    3. USPS Priority - a parcel up to $100 is insured by default, when creating a parcel, the customer is charged $0 in a separate transaction to show that the insurance is free.
    4. Economy DDU - the parcel is not insured by default, but you can choose insurance - 1% of the value of the investment.

    In case of parcel loss, Fedex pays compensation up to $100.

    Additionally, you can use the insurance from Western Bid, which compensates the cost of a lost parcel from $100. The price of such insurance is 1% of the total cost of the parcel.

    Read more in the article about insurance.

    Parcels sent via Consolidation Plus FedEx 2Day have two packaging options:

    1. Fedex Pak - use only a courier package. The maximum physical weight cannot exceed 4 kg. Maximum dimensions: 29.85cm x 37.5cm x 12.5cm. The volume (LxWxH) must not exceed 10.000 cm3.
    2. Fedex Box - maximum dimensions: 44cm x 31cm x 7cm. The maximum physical weight must not exceed 4 kg.


    Please note that UPS Economy DDU deliveries are usually tracked in only six countries (Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom). Tracking is not available in other countries. Therefore, UPS Economy DDU insurance is not available for shipments to the following countries:

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Spain.


    No, it's not possible.


    For parcels containing goods requiring a cultural examination (for paintings, art objects, sculptures, etc.), you must make the examination yourself and include the documents on the examination in the package with the documents.

    For parcels containing goods that require gemological examination (stone and precious metal products), you must make the examination yourself and attach the documents on the examination to the package with the documents. If the stones are untreated or in the form of sand, then bring or send them only in a sealed box by a gemologist.

    Various additional permits may be required for customs clearance, regardless of the value of the goods. For example, switchblades and dirks require a conclusion that these items are not cold steel. You are obliged to provide all necessary permits for the cargo (certificates, certificates, examinations, etc.) at your own expense.


    Returns are free of charge to our warehouse in Miami, USA.

    The shipment can be stored in the warehouse for 30 business days. During this time, you need to make a decision about this parcel, otherwise it will be disposed of. Please note the date of disposal. We store the parcel free of charge for 30 days.

    If after 30 days you do not inform us where to send it (return it to you or to a new customer), the parcel will be disposed of. There will be no additional notifications in this regard, so we recommend that you note for yourself the date of disposal by which you need to make a decision on your parcel.

    Within the above 30 days, you can resell the item and we will send it to the new buyer's address (you will only pay the actual cost of shipping from Miami to the buyer), or you can request a return to our Fulfillment Center in Miami and store it there longer.

    There are three options:

    1. The parcel will be automatically disposed of if you do not inform us of a different decision during this time.

    2. You can create and send us a new label to send the package to the same or a new recipient.

    3. If the parcel is relevant to the buyer, please specify the address and contact phone number. Create a new label. We will send a request to the carrier for re-delivery.

    To prevent such situations, we recommend tracking parcels until they are delivered, which will allow you to contact the buyer in time in case of a delay. In European countries, for example, there is almost no storage period after a failed delivery, and the parcel is immediately returned.


    Yes, you can use any carrier. You can also use the services of our prep center to prepare the goods and then deliver them to Amazon warehouses.

    To send goods to the prep centers and FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by merchant), you can use other delivery methods, for example, delivery by New Mail Global, DPD to Europe, Consolidation Plus, Consolidation Direct or delivery from our fulfillment center.


    Yes, there are things that are prohibited for shipment abroad. Parcels with such items may be confiscated by the customs services or returned to the sender at his/her expense. Please read the list of prohibited items before sending your parcels.

Be sure to read the information before sending and follow all instructions:

Consolidated shipping through our US warehouse will save you money.

1. Please provide the correct weight and dimensions.

If the weight or dimensions are underestimated, the parcels will be returned to the Western Bid shipping center in Kyiv, where they will wait for re-issue of documents. Measurements should be made on the package at the most protruding points.

2. Pack the parcel well, taping the corners and affixing the label firmly.

Please note: to ensure that your parcels are scanned faster and do not require manual handling by postal employees (and thus reach your customers faster and do not require additional processing fees), please follow the simple packaging requirements of the postal service:

● Do not wrap parcels for consolidation with film, stretch film, or kraft paper (only the goods inside the parcel can be wrapped with protective film).
● Do not cover the entire parcel with tape.
● Replace tubes with square or triangular packaging.

The rules of the postal service allow you to
- send a courier package and tape it in several places (but not completely!);
- wrap the parcel with tape only in a few places so that the parcel keeps its shape;
- wrap the goods inside the cardboard box with a film/bag;
- put cardboard boxes in a courier package for parcels up to 2 kg of physical or volumetric weight.

3. It is necessary to print a barcode and stick it on each parcel.

The label will be affixed to the parcel at our warehouse in Miami. At the same time, the tracking number will be available in your account immediately after the delivery is made. You can print the barcode at any time in your West Parcel account after the delivery is placed. If you are unable to print the necessary barcodes, you can write the tracking number, name and surname of the recipient on the parcel, and we will print everything you need (if you are sending up to 3 parcels).

4. The total value of the goods in one parcel should not exceed $100. If your goods are worth more than $100, but you still want to send them using consolidation, please contact us.

5. If you are sending several parcels, be sure to add them to the list.

6. Please be advised that you must provide only truthful and complete information about the shipment to avoid delays in clearance. In case of incorrect indication of the package, your parcel will be detained at customs, and you will bear full responsibility for violation of customs legislation. All parcels are inspected and checked against the list of goods specified in the invoice. You are also responsible for warning your customers about the possible payment of customs duties upon receipt of the parcel. In case of loss of the parcel, insurance payments are made in accordance with the specified value of the investment.

7. If you have created a parcel by mistake or have entered incorrect information about the parcel, please do not send the parcel. You can cancel the created label yourself.

Registration of Consolidation Plus parcels

To start processing delivery, you must first add the goods to be shipped to the system in your West Parcel account.

Step 1. To do this, select the "Goods to be shipped" item in the menu on the left side of the screen and enter the product data using the "Add product" button.


You can also add products using the "Import CSV data" or "Import from eBay" buttons, which is a handy feature if you need to upload a large number of products.


Fill in the required fields (product name, description, cost, recipient details).

Step 2. To place a parcel, select the appropriate menu section in the Personal Area in the "Create a parcel" tab:

In the tab, select Consolidation Direct and the product to be sent.


Step 3. For each individually packaged item, specify the weight and size of the box or package. The system will show the estimated weight and shipping cost to the buyer. Click the "Continue" button only after all calculations are complete.

Attention: The label always shows the weight rounded to a whole number, but the shipping cost is calculated based on the estimated weight.

The customs declaration for international shipment is transmitted electronically. You do not need to print the CN22 form.


Step 4. Specify the description of the goods for the customs list of the attachment. The maximum length of the description is 50 characters. We recommend specifying the name of the goods and their purpose.

Attention: To avoid additional questions from the customs, it is highly recommended not to indicate the material from which the goods are made.

Example description: (1) Souvenir phone case. Do not indicate "Leather case" (2) Phone stand. Do not specify "Wooden stand". The rules for creating a description are listed on our website.


Click "Continue".

Step 5. Enter the sender's address. You can add a new address or edit an existing one.


Step 6. Check the information carefully and mark your agreement with the shipping rules. After that, click "Pay for shipping and print documents".


If you created a waybill by mistake, you can cancel it yourself until the parcel is shipped.