Delivery from the USA (Miami) is now carried out by UPS instead of USPS

We have decided to change our postal provider. From now on, Consolidation Plus and Direct parcels will be delivered to the end customer by UPS.

This means that:
● parcels will be better tracked;
● increased validity of labels
● optimized delivery times;
● Label cancellation will be faster - within 1-2 business days;
● real-time tracking on the UPS website;
● expanded list of countries for consolidation.

Reasons why we changed our postal provider:
- parcels were not scanned and tracked properly;
- parcels started getting lost;
- delivery times doubled compared to when we started;
- USPS announced a serious increase in the price of shipping.

Please note! On the last mile, in some cases, UPS may transfer the parcel to USPS for delivery to the buyer, but on the main part of the route, UPS delivers the parcel.

In this situation, no additional action is required from our customers. The process of parcel registration remains the same.
The changes will affect only the visual part. Now the labels will look different and you will need to track the movement of parcels on the UPS website.

Please note: to ensure that your parcels are scanned faster and do not require manual processing by postal employees (and thus reach your customers faster and do not require additional processing fees), please follow the simple packaging requirements of the postal service:
● Do not wrap parcels for Consolidations with film or stretch film (only the goods inside the parcel can be wrapped with protective film).
● Do not cover the entire parcel with tape.

Replace the tubes with square or triangular packaging.

Postal service rules allow you to
- Send a courier package and tape it in several places (but not completely!);
- wrap the parcel with tape only in a few places to keep the parcel in shape;
- wrap the goods inside the cardboard box with a film/bag;
- put cardboard boxes in a courier package.

The image shows the list of countries where the parcel will be tracked to the recipient on the UPS website. In all other countries, such as the UK, parcels will be tracked on the websites of local postal services.

The label numbers for Mail Innovations have a different format from the usual ones, but this tracking number can be used to track the parcel in UPS.


The good news is that there will be no need to print out a customs declaration. It will be in electronic form. There will be no need to glue 2 labels.
The new labels will be called "Miami labels" so that there is no confusion with delivery to Miami, as the same postal service delivers.

Please note that the size of the label should be at least 12*8 cm, otherwise the barcode becomes indistinct for scanners.

It is possible that numbers starting with 1Z will create a little confusion at first. For a new type of delivery, this is normal and you can give this tracking number to your customers. The UPS Express number always starts with 1Z06W05V, the new delivery from Miami will have a different combination after 1Z.
The names also change:

Formerly: First class USA
Became: UPS Mail Innovations

Was: Priority USA
Became: UPS Surepost

Was: USPS International
Became: UPS Economy DDU

Please note: tracking of UPS Economy DDU parcels will be 3-4 business days after arrival in the United States, as they are first sent to New York, and only then begin to be tracked before being sent to other countries.
Labels should be affixed to the parcels and sent to our center in Kyiv. Please do not send them to UPS.
Here are examples of the new labels. Please note that the recipient's address is printed at the bottom of the label, while the Facility's address is printed at the top. In addition to the sender's address and the recipient's address, the label also contains the UPS service address.


Restrictions on the weight and dimensions of individual parcels for different shipping methods to consolidate Direct:
Mail Innovations:
Weight from 0.03 kg to 0.45 kg,
The sum of length + 2 * width + 2 * height cannot exceed 330 cm.
Weight from 0.03 kg to 4 kg,
The sum of length + 2*width + 2*height cannot be more than 330cm.
Economy DDU (international shipping):
Weight from 0.03 kg kg to 2 kg,
The sum of length + width + height cannot be more than 91 cm, each side cannot be more than 60 cm.

Attention: The label always shows the weight rounded to a whole number, but the shipping cost is calculated according to the estimated weight.

Goods weighing no more than 4 kilograms and with a declared value of no more than $100 USD are accepted for PLUS consolidation in the United States. The dimensions of the sides are no more than 91*40*40 cm.

For consolidation parcels going to other countries: maximum weight no more than 2 kg, the sum of three sides no more than 91.44 cm, each side no more than 60.96 cm.

Now the expanded list of countries for DIRECT and PLUS consolidations looks like this:

United StatesCanadaAustriaBelgiumBulgariaChinaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandIsraelItaly

JapanLatviaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaMonacoMontenegroNorwayPolandPortugalSerbiaSingaporeSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenUnited Kingdom