How to send a parcel?


Register on the website

To be able to create a shipment, you need to register on the website and access your personal account.


Calculate the cost of sending

Use the convenient West Parcel calculator to calculate the cost of shipping your goods from Ukraine and/or from our fulfillment center in the United States.


Deposit to your account

Deposit money to your WestParcel account for parcels using PayPal or Payoneer. The shipping fee will be charged to this account.


Add a product to send

To arrange a delivery, first add the goods in your West Parcel account by selecting the "My shipments/Items to ship" section. You can enter product information manually, upload a list of products in CSV format, or import them from the eBay marketplace.


Arrange delivery

Choose a delivery method and design a label.
Follow the links for detailed instructions:
● UPS Express
● Consolidation Direct
● Nova Poshta Global
● Consolidation Plus
● DPD to Europe
● Delivery from the fulfillment center


Pack the parcel

Read the packaging rules carefully and follow them. Proper packaging is the sender's responsibility and guarantees that the parcel will reach the addressee undamaged.


Transfer a parcel to be sent abroad

If you chose the Nova Poshta Global delivery method, you should transfer the parcel to your favorites when ordering delivery at a Nova Poshta branch.

If you have chosen another delivery method and have parcels
up to 4 kg in volume/actual weight, you can bring them to our regional offices.

If the parcel is more than 4 kg, you need to send it by Nova Poshta to our consolidation centers. When ordering a parcel, in your personal account, you will be given the address (Kyiv or Chernivtsi) for delivery.