How to write a product description correctly?

To process the shipment, you must provide a brief description of the goods in the attachment.

The description of each item should not exceed 50 characters. Only letters and numbers are allowed.

It is necessary to indicate:

1. What kind of product it is

2. What it is used for

3. Specify the material if it is plywood, leather/artificial leather, cotton/nylon, jewelry, plastic.

Приклади:1.hanger for the wall2.cotton dress for baby3.coffee table from plywood for living room4.men’s bracelet with clasp5.personalized belt from artificial leather for man6.handmade beaded earrings for girl7.empty tarot card storage box

Please note the important recommendations that will help you avoid delays at customs and/or returning your parcels to Ukraine:

● We do not recommend indicating the condition of the product (new, used, worn).

● Be sure to check whether your item is on the list of prohibited goods. If you are sending a prohibited item and write this in the description, it is 100% that the parcel will not leave Ukraine.

● It is forbidden to sell any eyeglasses in the United States.

● Products made of untreated wood cannot be sent. Products made of processed wood (plywood) can. If shipping FedEx Express or via FedEx, when creating a shipment and selecting "plywood", a TSCA form will be automatically generated and must be filled out.

● If you are selling boxes for something, gadget cases, glasses cases, etc., indicate in the description that they are empty inside (they have no glasses, no laptop, no smartphone, etc.). Use the words: "no content", "empty".

● Disks and cassettes may also require a form. If you are selling such a product, but the product does not work, it is better not to include either a cassette or a disk in the description.

Please note: it is not enough to simply indicate the general category of the product in the description (for example, "clothing", "toy", etc.). It is important to explain what kind of product it is and why. Additionally, you need to specify the material if your product is plywood, leather/artificial leather, cotton/nylon, bijuteria, plastic.

● If you sell items with logos, inscriptions, their content does not need to be specified in the description in order not to create confusion. For example, if you sell caps with the inscription "Porsche", it is enough to specify cap in the description. If you specify "Porsche", brokers will need to investigate and find out whether the parcel contains car parts or engine parts.

● If you are sending a print on canvas, clearly state this in the description: "print on canvas". For such parcels, no expertise is required.

● Please do not write the word "icon" in the description for items that you have made yourself. For example, such a product made of wood can be simply described as "wall decor".

You can write a description and translate it using Google Translate to indicate the description in English. Please make sure that the description in English is unambiguous to avoid misunderstandings with customs.


Please note! All descriptions of handmade goods (especially souvenirs, interior items, jewelry) should begin with the word "handmade" in the short description. For example: handmade phone stand, handmade slippers, handmade earrings, handmade vase.

What happens if the name of the attachment is incorrect?
In case of incorrect description of the package, parcels with detected violations in the clearance of goods are detained by customs brokers.

In case of a minor violation (for example, an incorrect indication of the quantity or an incorrectly translated name into English), the parcel is delayed until a new package of documents is received from the sender.

In cases where the description of the goods is intentionally drawn up in such a way as to send prohibited goods under the guise of permitted goods (for example, "glasses" instead of "optical sight for a rifle"), or the description is distorted to avoid examination (for example, "painting" instead of "icon"), then such goods will be confiscated by the customs authorities with possible subsequent initiation of an administrative or criminal case, or by our employees, and the proceeds from the possible sale of such goods will be used to reimburse the company for losses from the unlawful use of the shipping service.