Product codes for delivery to EU countries

To create parcels, you need to specify the customs code of the goods to any country of delivery.

Please note that for such types of shipments as Consolidation+ and Consolidation Direct, you do not need to specify the TNC (customs code of goods).

The customs code helps determine the amount of tax on imported goods. Customs officers use the customs code to determine what kind of goods are being imported. The amount of tax may vary depending on the type of goods. The standard code is a six-digit number, but in some countries it can contain 8 or 10 digits.

When making a delivery through the West Parcel Personal Account, a field for entering the customs code will appear.

To independently determine customs commodity codes, you can use the Harmonized System of the World Customs Organization or the Code Search Tool on the single export web portal.

Also, since July 2021, new rules for the sale of toys to the EU countries have come into force (these rules do not apply to the sale of toys to other countries).

If your product can be mistaken for a toy, we recommend that you check a special checkbox when making a delivery that your product is not a toy to avoid being detained by customs. In this case, the phrase "This is not a toy" will appear in brackets when describing the product. In the description, we recommend writing that it is a decorative item or a souvenir with a detailed description of what it is, but without specifying the material.

If your product does not look like a toy at all, then you do not need to check the box. For example, a painting, a dog collar, a cup.
If you don't check the box, nothing else will be written after your product description.

If you are selling toys for children, you need to comply with all EU requirements for the sale of toys and attach all the necessary documents to the parcel. If you do not have all the special documents and you are selling toys, we recommend excluding EU countries and selling to those countries where such permits are not required. For example, to the USA, Canada, etc.