Is it possible to change the sender's address when ordering a parcel?

You can add up to 6 different sender addresses in your My Account.

You can specify yourself, a friend, or an employee whose residence or registration documents you provide to UPS as the sender.

  • What documents do I need to provide?

    When adding a sender, you do not need to upload their documents to West Parcel for verification.

    Remember that you should specify the address of the shipment as the address of residence, not the actual address of residence, but the address of registration indicated in the sender's passport or registration document.

    A copy of the sender's passport and the residence (or registration) certificate should be included with each package shipped via UPS.

The sender's address is confirmed by the documents that accompany the parcel. As the sender's address, please indicate the address of your passport registration or the address in the refugee/immigrant registration certificate, if any.

The courier can arrive at any address that may differ from your residence address.

The sender can be any person (for example, a relative or friend) who is ready to provide the necessary documents.

  • To which address will the return be sent?

    In case of a return, the parcel will be sent to our warehouse address in the USA or Europe. It will not be returned to the sender's address.

Please note: If the sender's address is outside of the UPS service area, you will not be able to arrange the package.

In this case, you need to enter your name, street, house and apartment as the sender's address as indicated in the supporting documents (registration or certificate), and change the sender's zip code and city to the zip code and city of the nearest UPS location.

In this case, the return address will be verified. The list of UPS locations in Ukraine is available here.

You can also specify another person as the sender who has a residence permit in a UPS service city and is ready to provide documents for sending the parcel. You do not need to add this person to your West Parcel account information.

Due to sanctions, we do not serve customers who are domiciled or reside in Crimea, LPR, DNR, the Russian Federation, or the Republic of Belarus.