Sending parcels to the addresses of US military units: APO / FPO

A large number of recipients are U.S. military personnel or civilians working at U.S. military installations. Our system is set up in such a way that the addresses of US military installations are always listed in the correct format when you create a shipment from a transaction in your My Account.

The following instructions are written for those who want to change the delivery address to the address of a US military unit.

So, the usual address of a recipient located in a US military unit looks like this

John Doe
PSC 91 Box 6548
APO, AE 09464
United States

first and last name of the recipient (name): John Doe
the recipient's address: PSC 91 Box 6548
city: APO
state: AE
zip code: 09464
country: United States

The state can be "AA" (Armed Forces Americas), "AE" (Armed Forces Europe) or "AP" (Armed Forces Pacific).
The city can be "APO" (Army Post Office) or "FPO" (Fleet Post Office).
Everything in the address that is not related to the name, zip code, state and city must be written in the address lines.
Delivery time to military units will be 2 times longer than usual.
We remind you that you can send goods to the address of a US military unit only by state mail or consolidation of PLUS and DIRECT.


Pay attention to the new rules for packing parcels for Plus and Direct consolidations.

To ensure that your parcels are scanned faster and do not require manual processing by postal employees (and thus reach your customers faster and do not require additional fees for their processing), please follow the simple packaging requirements of the postal service:

● Do not wrap parcels for consolidation with film or stretch wrap (only the goods inside the parcel can be wrapped with protective film).
● Do not tape the entire parcel.
Replace tubes with square or triangular packaging.

Postal service rules allow you to:

- Send a courier package and tape it in several places (but not completely!);
- wrap the parcel with tape only in a few places so that the parcel keeps its shape;
- wrap the goods inside the cardboard box with a film/bag;
- put cardboard boxes in a courier package.

The UPS label for PLUS and DIRECT consolidations will be generated by the system in your account.

Below you can see an example of a label: