Is it possible to return or delay the sent parcel, or change the address while the parcel is in transit?

Can I return a parcel that is in transit?

You cannot return a parcel that has already been accepted for delivery by UPS, FedEx, and other shipping companies. If you have sent a parcel by Nova Poshta to our consolidation center or to UPS, you can make a request to Nova Poshta to return the parcel before the parcel is received.

Can I delay a parcel in transit?

You cannot delay and/or intercept a parcel sent by UPS, FedEx, Nova Poshta Global, Consolidation Optimum until it reaches the recipient. In the case of Consolidation Plus or Direct shipments, when the parcel arrives at our warehouse, we may not send it to the recipient's specified address (upon request, we can change the address or return the parcel to Ukraine). From the moment the parcel has already been sent from the warehouse, it is impossible to delay it or return it until it reaches the recipient.

Can I change the delivery address for a UPS Express parcel that has already been sent to the customer?

Only the recipient can change the delivery address and time. You can send them a link to the instructions.