UPS express delivery

Get up to 75% off express delivery worldwide.

Delivery to the USA is from 2 days, to Australia and South America - from 3 days.

UPS Express is a high-speed targeted delivery to the customer's door in another country. It is beneficial for those who need to send goods in the shortest possible time at a low price.

Be sure to read the information before sending and follow all instructions:


    You can calculate the shipping amount on the shipping calculator.

    UPS only accepts packages in rectangular cardboard boxes or bags.

    An additional handling fee of $3 USD per parcel may be charged for non-standard shaped items if the item is:

    ⇒ any item enclosed in an external shipping container made of metal or wood;

    ⇒ any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, bucket or tire, which is not completely enclosed in a corrugated cardboard shipping container;

    ⇒ any package that has a longest side that exceeds 100 cm or a second longest side that exceeds 76 cm.

    Upon receipt of an invoice from UPS for this type of shipment, $3 USD will be deducted from the customer's account.


    Immediately when forming in your personal account, in USD.

    Extra charge for oversized cargo:
    ● A surcharge of 35 USD is applied to parcels whose length plus girth
    (2 widths) + (2 heights) exceed 300 cm, but do not exceed the maximum size of 400 cm.
    The minimum chargeable weight of such parcels = 40 kg.

    Exceeding the maximum dimensions:
    ● Parcels weighing more than 150 lbs (70 kg) or exceeding 108 inches (274 cm) in length or having a total (length + girth) = 157 inches (400 cm) are subject to a $220 surcharge. The minimum chargeable weight of such parcels is 40 kg.


    USA, Australia, England, Canada, European Union, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, 100+ countries (on the mainland). Delivery to P.O. box /APO/FPO/DPO/US Territories is not possible.


    Packaged parcels with barcode labels for UPS Express should be transferred to Western Bid depending on which label the system generated (the UPS label itself or the technical number for the shipment).


    If you are shipping multiple parcels together, please follow these steps:

    ● Wrap the total package in clear plastic and stack the packages inside so that their individual labels are clearly visible.
    ● Drop off the package at any UPS location convenient to you. You can also call a UPS courier.

    Warehouse employees are not authorized to open packages or count their contents. When a warehouse receives a package with a single label and no visible signs that there are multiple packages inside (for example, two or more packages are wrapped with opaque tape and there is no accompanying note listing the numbers of other packages in a prominent place), the package may be sent as one package. In this case, we are not responsible for the shipment and do not guarantee its delivery. Such a parcel may be detained by the customs for non-compliance with the weight and dimensions, and parcels moving without labels will not be tracked and will not have a delivery status, etc.


    Restrictions on dimensions:

    The length of the longest side must not exceed 270 cm.

    Length (largest side) + Girth of the parcel must be less than 400 cm, where girth = (2 widths) + (2 heights).

    Weight restrictions:

    The maximum weight is 70 kg (gross or actual).

    Please note! Measure the size on the packaging and at the most protruding points. If the size is incorrect, the parcels will be returned for re-registration for an additional fee.


    The estimated weight is the largest (actual or volumetric).

    You specify the actual weight yourself when creating a shipment.

    The estimated weight will be determined automatically when you check out the parcel.

    The volumetric weight is calculated by the formula: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) : 5000 = total weight (kg).


    To ensure that your parcels are scanned faster and do not require manual processing by postal employees (and thus reach your customers faster and do not require additional processing fees), please follow the simple packaging requirements of the postal service:

    Do not wrap parcels with film, stretch film, or kraft paper (only the goods inside the parcel can be wrapped with protective film). Only cardboard boxes and/or courier bags are allowed for shipping.

    Do not tape the entire parcel.

    Replace tubes with square or triangular packaging.

    Do not pack in wooden, plastic, metal, plywood, or chipboard boxes, or wrap with kraft paper or bubble wrap.

    Postal service rules allow you to

    - send a courier package and tape it in several places (but not completely!);
    - glue the corners of the box to keep the parcel in shape;
    - wrap the goods inside the cardboard box with a film/bag;
    - put cardboard boxes in a courier package for parcels up to 2 kg of physical or volumetric weight.

    Please follow these rules, as scanning the dimensions of the parcel becomes significantly more difficult (and sometimes impossible) due to the fact that the protective film (or tape that wraps the entire parcel) "reflects" the laser beam on the scanning equipment.

    If the packaging does not meet the requirements, the carrier will charge a fine of $45. The funds will be deducted from your account.


    2-3 business days.

    Attention! In case of force majeure and during holidays, the terms may be extended.


    The maximum value of the investment is $800, for the USA $2500.
    Please note that the duty-free import limit to the United States is $2500. Customs duties will be charged on goods that exceed this amount. Duty/VAT will also be charged in other countries if the value of the package exceeds the duty-free import limit in those countries.


    It is paid by the recipient on the UPS website in the parcel tracking section if the duty-free attachment limit is exceeded.

    Limit for the USA: $ 2500 USD, for Australia 1000 AUD. For other countries, see the information about customs duties in the recipient's country.

    Taxes and/or duties are subject to a ~10% UPS brokerage fee.


    Immediately after paying for the shipment, you will receive a UPS tracking number that will show the movement after arrival at the European office of the carrier, the number looks like "1Z0ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ"


    You can choose the option of delivery against signature.


    No, it's impossible.


    No, it's impossible.


    Optional, up to $85 free of charge, then 1% of the cost, to the buyer's door, against loss. Read more.


    You must obtain the permit yourself.


    Label (waybill) with a barcode for UPS express. If VAT is paid, indicate the IOSS number.

    Please note: The waybill(s) are valid for 20 days from the date of creation. If you have not sent the parcel within this period, you need to cancel it and create a new shipment. Otherwise, the parcel will not be accepted by the postal services.


    Yes, there are things that are prohibited for shipment abroad. Parcels with such items may be confiscated by the customs services or returned to the sender at his/her expense. Please read the list of prohibited items before sending your parcels.

1. Specify the correct weight and dimensions. If the weight or dimensions are underestimated, the parcels will be returned for an additional fee, where they will wait for the reissue of documents. Measurements should be made on the package at the most protruding points.

2. Pack the parcel well. Please watch this video on packaging. Correct packaging is the sender's responsibility and increases the chances of the parcel reaching the buyer safe and sound.

3. Please do NOT write "gift, souvenir" in the product description.

4. We warn you that when sending, you must provide only true and complete information about the cargo so that there are no delays in processing. In case of incorrect indication of the package, your parcel will be detained at customs, and you will bear full responsibility for violation of customs legislation. All parcels are inspected and checked against the list of goods specified in the invoice. You are also responsible for warning your customers about the possible payment of customs duties upon receipt of the parcel. In case of loss of the parcel, insurance payments are made in accordance with the specified value of the investment.

5. If you have created a shipment by mistake, or have incorrectly indicated the information about the shipment, please do not send the parcel. You can cancel the created label within 20 days.

UPS express parcel processing

To start making a delivery order, you need to go to your West Parcel account:

1 step
Calculate the shipping cost using the shipping calculator and top up your account.

2 step
Add the goods to be shipped to the system. There is a convenient export of goods from eBay and the ability to download data from a table.

Step 3
Arrange delivery of the goods via UPS Express.

1) To do this, in your West Parcel account, select the menu item "My shipments" - "Create a parcel/UPS Express" and enter the product information. The list of goods added to the system will appear in the window for further processing.
If you have a lot of goods and do not need to ship all of them, you can conveniently search by transaction number, first and last name, or customer's postal code. Select the items you need to sell by checking the box next to the item and clicking "Continue".


2) Specify the description of the goods for the customs list of the attachment. The minimum length of the description is 20 characters (i.e., for example, the description "shirt" is not enough, you need to specify "cotton shirt for women"). The maximum length of the description is 50 characters. We recommend that you include the name of the item and its purpose. You must specify:
● What kind of product it is;
● What it is used for.


3) Enter the sender's address. You can add a new address or edit an existing one.

The maximum number of sender addresses is 20. The sender's address must match the address indicated in the attached supporting documents of the sender (registration or certificate).


4) The next step will offer a calculation of the cost of the UPS parcel to the buyer. Specify the weight and size of the box and you will see the final cost of the shipment.


5) After you click the "Continue" button, you will be taken to the page where you will be asked to confirm the information you provided. Check the information carefully and mark your agreement with the shipping rules.

Indicate that you have familiarized yourself with the amounts and limits of duties and taxes of the country of destination of the parcel and agree to pay, by agreement with the buyer or on your own, any possible duties, taxes, brokerage services and any other costs associated with receiving this shipment, as well as the costs of possible return of this parcel back in case of non-payment of the relevant taxes, duties and services by the buyer or you.

This is an important point, as some countries may impose quite high duties and taxes that your buyer or you will need to pay. We also recommend that you inform your buyers of these taxes and fees.


6) In the next step, click "Pay for shipping and print documents". The required amount will be charged to your West Parcel account. An invoice, a bar-coded waybill for UPS express and detailed instructions (memo) on how to arrange and send the parcel will be available to you after you complete the delivery.


Step 4.

Packaged parcels with barcode labels for UPS Express should be delivered to Western Bid according to the following instructions:

Any parcels weighing less than 4 kg can be brought to the nearest open Western Bid office in your city.

If the barcode label says "SHIP TO CERNIVtsi", then you can deliver a parcel of any weight:

● Bring it to the Western Bid center in Chernivtsi at 194a Heroiv Maidanu Street, office 4, or to the Western Bid warehouse in Chernivtsi at 186g Heroiv Maidanu Street.
● Send the parcel by Nova Poshta to the following address: Chernivtsi, Nova Poshta branch No. 30, to the owner of the phone number +38 (067) 44-55-977 (recipient: Kalancha Artem, Western Bid). Please note: this number is for shipping purposes only, it is not intended for calls and consultations.
● Shipments weighing more than 30 kg should be sent by targeted delivery to the following address: 186g Heroiv Maidanu Street, Chernivtsi, Ukraine (recipient: Kalancha Artem, Western Bid). You can also send us any parcels by any postal service to this address.

If the barcode label says "SHIP TO KYIV", then:

● You can bring the reference of any weight to the Western Bid center in Kyiv at 10a Smelyanska St., warehouse 8
● A parcel weighing up to 30 kg can be sent by Nova Poshta to the address: Kyiv, Nova Poshta branch No. 18, to the owner of the phone number +38 (067) 678-46-10 (recipient: Ruslan Huseynov, Western Bid). Please note: this number is for sending purposes only, it is not intended for calls and consultations.
● Links weighing more than 30 kg should be sent by registered delivery to the address: 10a Smelyanska St., Kyiv, warehouse 8 (recipient: Ruslan Huseynov, Western Bed). You can also send us any parcels by any postal service to this address.